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In this information revolution era, it is the blockchain that attracts attention as a technology with a potential to greatly change society with artificial intelligence. As everyone has a smartphone and managing data in cloud has become a matter of course, the future where blockchain will become part of our lives will not be so far.

“Blockchain EXE” is a community established to develop blockchain technology by collaborating with companies, universities, and governments.

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The place for generating a next big idea of blockchain technology.


Since May 2017, we have been hosting a monthly meetup that attracts more than 100 participants.


KDDI and Couger lead Japan to initiate "Smart Contract" proof of concept projects utilizing enterprise Ethereum

This proof of concept will extend beyond blockchains utilized by existing business and will validate business and technical issues and benefits for (a) Open services built on platforms such as the Ethereum and includes non-financial interactions, and (b) smart contracts for coordination with partner company services.
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Optimal Sequential Fusion for Multibiometric Cryptosystems by Hitachi

Biometric cryptosystems have been widely studied in the literature to protect biometric templates. To ensure sufficient security of the biometric cryptosystem against the offline brute-force attack (also called the FAR attack), it is critical to reduce FAR of the system. One of the most effective approaches to improve the accuracy is multibiometric fusion, which can be divided into three categories: feature level fusion, score level fusion, and decision level fusion. Among them, only feature level fusion can be applied to the biometric cryptosystem for security and accuracy reasons. Conventional feature level fusion schemes, however, require a user to input all of the enrolled biometric samples at each time of authentication, and make the system inconvenient.
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Atsushi Ishii

CEO of Couger

“After being involved in the development of various services at IBM, he developed multiple large-scale search engines at Rakuten and Infoseek. He founded Couger and led the teams in Japan, US, and South Korea for developing multiple top-selling online games. He has also provided technical cooperation to one of the top teams for Amazon Robotics Challenge, provided AI learning simulator to Honda, and led the development of Cloud Robotics for a Japanese government-backed AI research project. He is currently leading the development of "Connectome" using AI x Robotics x IoT x Blockchain.”

Yasunori Motani

the Project Lead of KDDI

“After engaging in management accounting and business management at Hitachi, he founded a startup for mobile services. He later joined LINE and launched "LINE Pay" as a Project Leader in charge of business strategy and service planning for launching. He is currently promoting "IoT × AI × blockchain" related projects at KDDI”

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